Motorola releases “DUET” for its interactive Motorola Spot player: Heart touching story

Motorola releases "DUET" for its interactive Motorola Spot player: Heart touching story - 4

Motorola after teaming up with google came up with a new concept (Duet) of using the smartphone internal features to create a Interactive animated movie. The first movie to be released for Motorola Spot player is “Windy day”.  IMG_20141120_121546

Windy day was an animated story from the co-director of Pixar’s Ratatouille. It was a so cute, slapstick tale that also took advantage of the phone’s hardware — users were able to move around and control the “camera” in the world of the cartoon, letting you look around as if you were in the world yourself. It was the first of Motorola’s so-called “Spotlight Stories” and was followed by Buggy Night a few months later.


Screenshot_2014-11-20-12-21-50Yesterday, a blue color swirls started appearing on my Moto X. it was awesome and changed the view of my home screen. It was so awesome and when i clicked that swirling blue circle, it took me to an amazing world and i found it is latest release of another Interactive movie from Motorola “Duet“.

_20141120_123242Motorola Spotlight story “Duet” is the third in series Interactive animation which explains the beautiful love story with a beautiful and elegant video that uses the phones internal features and takes you into the 3d world.

Screenshot_2014-11-20-12-24-36Motorola’s Duet, a short interactive film that was animated and directed by Glen Keane, a longtime Disney animator who worked on films like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. Much like Windy Day, users can control the viewpoint of the camera by looking up, down, and around them with their phone. And like the previous entries in the series, it manages to tell a surprisingly complete little story with just animation and music — and the ability to control the camera means there’s a little bit of replay value here, too. Owners of the Moto X (both versions) and Moto G can check out Duet now.

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