Now Fully Charge Your Phone in Only 17 Minutes! – Thanks to Xiaomi

Now Fully Charge Your Phone in Only 17 Minutes! - Thanks to Xiaomi - 4

The Chinese brands OnePlus and Oppo have been fighting for the crown to be the no.1 brand to provide the fastest charging capabilities. It’s been a long time rival, and we’ve seen many advancements from both companies. OnePlus with their Dash charging and Oppo with their SuperVOOC attracted the mass market, but the thirst for achieving more still exists. Besides both companies, the other Chinese rival Huawei is also in the hunt for launching their own fast charging technology, and recently, they showcased their 55W fast charging capability.

Well, that achievement is already short lived as another renowned Chinese brand Xiaomi is going to lead the smartphone market [again] with their extraordinary 100W super fast charger. The Chinese OEM claimed that it can fully charge a phone in just 17 minutes. Xiaomi’s Chairman, Lin Bin shared a video on social network Weibo showcasing their new feat. In the video, they showed two phones where one of them is using Xiaomi’s latest 100W charger and the other is using Oppos’ SuperVOOC.

You can clearly see that the 100W charger gave the phone 50% juice in just 7 minutes and takes an extra 10 minutes for the next 50%. Note that the battery capacity of the phone is 4000mAh.But isn’t that supposed to take 14 minutes for the full charge? Well, the extra 3 minutes it takes is for saving the longevity of the battery. It is twice as fast as Oppo’s SuperVOOC charging technology that is quickest standard for now which is widely available, which is a 50 W charger.

This is going to be massive as the global powerhouse Samsung and OnePlus only supports 15 W to 30 W fast charging. Although it’s quite good and it takes only 60 to 90 minutes for a complete charge. Well, there’s a new question arises if this battery technology could be used to existing batteries? Would it be able to handle this charging speed? The time will tell the truth as Lu Weibing, head of Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi, confirmed that this charging technology will be available on the market very soon. The perfect time is yet to be known, but it is true that we’ll be able to charge our phone in a matter of 15+ minutes!

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