pandora-concept of flexible plate by designer Jeabyun yeon

pandora-concept of flexible plate by designer Jeabyun yeon - 4


Pandora a concept of flexible plate is designed by Designer: Jeabyun Yeon ,PC Pandora is a interbreed between a laptop and desktop. The style is prepared with two displays: 13 -, and 21.6 inch. The eldest is set on the surface of the body and an vista ratio of 3:4. This cover is eruptive when the machine is used for the laptop. In about, the indorsement display with 16:9 completely entireness,when the computer deployed, or half, when the construction is mounted and erected vertically. Thus the concept acts as a widescreen TV and the monoblock way desktop, regardless of what sympathetic of functionality you require from it.wpid-pandorathumb

Structure of pandora-concept of flexible plate by designer Jeabyun-yeon


Today’s the conceptual originality, ascribe PC Pandora, This is a well objection of what can give us the pliant displays in the foreseeable futurity. The technology, which was recently demonstrated in individual paradigm Samsung smartphone, in this showcase practical in a many large-scale instrumentality. Occurrence 9 mm clogged can be closed in half for transportation, or at a aright weight, which allows the use of one half of a ghost pad.

The system of Pandora use negotiable displays, as compartment as a supple battery, excavation unitedly with a many formal SSD. Interior components are split between the two halves of the lodging. In increase, the central surround of the PCB also set on a adaptable base

specifications of pandora-concept of flexible plate by designer jeabyun-yeon


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