Pokemon GO: More Games like Pokemon Go are coming soon!

Pokemon GO: More Games like Pokemon Go are coming soon! - 4

Pokemon Go is an augmented-reality game. It is the hottest thing in the mobile gaming right now. The recent advances in the computer sciences can help to design games more realistically. Augmented reality is all about experiencing things directly. In the recent studies, augmented reality along with new imaging technique could help make imaginary characters, such as Pokemon, appear to convincingly interact with real objects. lets have look on Pokemon Go and more games like Pokemon go coming soon into the markets.

The smartphone game “Pokemon Go” superimposes images onto the real world to create a mixed reality. Also it is integrated with maps and can help players to actually search for virtual Pokemon’s in the real world. The popularity of this game follows a decades-long trend of computer-generated imagery weaving its way into movies and TV shows. However, it is always challenging to get those 3D models on to the real objects and it is quite expensive.

Analyzing movement in Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go_technology behind pokemonGo_2

Using cameras, this new technique analyzes tiny, almost imperceptible vibrations of an object. For instance, when it comes to curtains, “it turns out they are almost always moving, just from natural air currents in an indoor room,”. To give more precise example, I can tap on a branch of a tree, and it might shake, but that’s different from bending it until it snaps. We observe these kinds of motions, the kind that an object bounces back from to return to a resting state.”

Even 5 seconds of video of a vibrating object is enough to create a realistic simulation of it, according to the researchers said. The amount of time needed depends on the size and directions of the vibrations, the scientists said.

Interactive Dynamic Video could help virtual characters, such as those in “Pokémon Go,” interact with their surroundings in specific, realistic ways, such as bouncing off the leaves of a nearby bush. It could also help filmmakers create computer-generated characters that realistically interact with their environments. And this could be done in much less time and at a fraction of the cost that it would take using current methods that require green screens and detailed models of virtual objects, Davis said.Pokemon Go_technology behind pokemonGo_igw

Major structures such as buildings and bridges also vibrate. Engineers can use Interactive Dynamic Video to simulate how such structures might respond to strong winds or an earthquake. Pokemon Go has become the reference in do much more than playing games.

Limitations of “Interactive Dynamic Video”- Technology behind Pokemon Go:

Interactive dynamic video is core technology behind the development of the mobile game “Pokemon Go”. The main limitation is it cannot handle objects that appear to change their shape too much, such as a person walking down the street. Additionally, in their experiments, the researchers used a stationary camera mounted on a tripod; there are many technical hurdles to overcome before this method can be applied using a smartphone camera that might be held in a shaky hand. So there are a lot of challenges to address before this can work on the fly in an app like ‘Pokémon Go,'”. “Still, what we showed with our work is that this approach is viable.”

So lets wait and see how mobile game like Pokemon Go will help in representing the emergence of augmented technology in the future games. Also let see how this will impact in the field of health care and Military. Hope you enjoyed the post and please post your comments below.

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