Seagate to announce 8TB 3.5 inch hard drive

Seagate to announce 8TB 3.5 inch hard drive - 4

This  8TB 3.5 inch hard drive from Seagate will be a great device for the company to show off, beating Western Digital in case of storage capacity in 3.5 inch hard disk.

Seagate-FreeAgent-Go-320GB-External-Hard-DriveTill now Western Digital had been on top with their 6 TB 3.5 inch hard drive, but now, looks like we are going to see a 8TB hard disk size at just 3.5 inch very soon. Storage device maker Seagate announced that they are ready to launch their new 8 TB hard disk, which will carry an awful amount of data and will also pack in a small space, yes it measures at just 3.5 inches, making it to the top of hard disk capacity til now.

WD used helium in their 6 TB hard disk to reduce friction, but Seagate did something different. They are replicating the same thing they did in their 6 TB hard disks. What Seagate done is overlapping tracks, which means that a new track is being written partially on top of the track before it.  Seagate has not announced the price yet, but their 6 Tb hard disk costs around 18000 INR (300 USD).

Source: Tech Crunch

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