Sony Revolutionary transparent smartphone concept by Branda

Sony Revolutionary transparent smartphone concept by Branda - 4

sony transparent smartphone concept by brandaBranda world designed a revolutionary concept for Sony- a transparent smartphone, this is the upcoming future technology, we saw a  rising growth of smartphones from past few years! From LCD screen mobile to OLED screen smartphones, there are many flexible design smartphone concepts too, as like them this transparent smartphone concept for sony grabbed some attention in the netizens!

Specifications of Sony revolutionary transparent smartphone concept:

Basically the design of this concept is unique, overall complete phone is transparent including physical boundaries of phone which are normally made with carbon fibre/plastic! Branda made it to be complete transparent in a way that one can actually look from it to the other side ( like a glass mirror) , but during functioning with smartphone the screen becomes adaptive to the colors and we can see the clear display! there is a saying that sony is famous for it’s display( such a high resolution and ppi)

In general in every phone, chipsets are supposed to be printed on circuit board, but in this smartphone concept as it is transparent  a special technology is used, i.e., chipsets are placed inside aluminium rounded squares which are hidden inside silicon. Nano wiring is used to make the communication between carbon nanotubes,

A double sided camera is given so you can take high resolution pictures and a 720P HD video recording at a time, USB can also be connected and the port is given at the bottom of the phone

Some other hardware/software specifications like, it’s camera resolution, Capacity of RAM and ROM, about it’s internal memory, battery capacity and OS etc are not yet specified!

If sony accepted this concept, then this transparent concept smartphone might hit markets in a few years due to advancement of technology, many companies like samsung , lg are making curved displays, so the next concept smartphones will be transparent!

source: BRANDA

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