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The Evolution of Display screens on Samsung Mobile Phones [infographic]


Here's an infographic showing "The Evolution of display screen on Samsung Mobile Phones. Recently on MWC 2015 Samsung showcased the world's first dual edge screen smartphone- Galaxy S6 Edge which re-defined the display technology.

Let's just go back in time and see how actually it all started. Back in 1988 Samsung released it's original mobile phone which has an analog display.For almost 12 years there were small changes in the display which started to support characters, icons etc.

Samsung started the color displays from 2002 on wards and there's wasn't any back step from that year. Eventually LCD displays with various resolutions started to appear on Samsung phones. By acquiring the latest AMOLED technology Samsung released its first touch screen phone on 2009. Later that year we've seen the first Galaxy S smartphone which has SuperAMOLED display.

Year-by-Year there were so many upgradations for the display screen and finally for the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge there's a Quad HD display which has 577 pixels per inch.

No more waiting, here's the actual inforgraphic showing the Evolution of Samsung mobile phones with different display technologies.

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