Top 10 Google search tricks

Top 10 Google search tricks - 4

Ever wondered how can Google search engine help us in every step of our life? It’s not just about searching something or just using the usual Google features, it’s also got some amazing features. I will write about some cool Top 10 google search tricks, that will make your life easier and you don’t need to go anywhere else or install any app for accessing these features, these will work right from your browser and will also save a large amount of time. So’ let’s start with the tricks.

1. Flight info: You can just type in “your flight number your airline’s name” to find out the schedule and current status.


2. Want to know the time the sun will rise? Just type “sunrise time you city” to find out.


3. You can use it as a timer. Just type “set timer amount of time”


4. Google you help you to find songs by your favorite artist. Just type “songs by your desired artist name”bob


5. You can use Google to find out what books your favorite author has written. Just type in “books by your preferred author’s name”dan

6. Wanna know who founded facebook or some other company, it’s very simple. Write “founders your company” and hit enter.


7. getting bored? Type “Zerg Rush” and you’ll see a game running within the search page.zerg

8. Health conscious? Google will also help you to decide which kind of food or what food you should take. Just type “food1 vs food2”


9. You can tilt the page. Just type “tilt”


10. Wanna fool your friends? Just send them this link.

we, hope you enjoyed our Top 10 google search tricks, and please comment if you have some more tricks, so we can add it here!!!

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