Top 5 Innovative Design Changes in Gadgets – 2016


Every year a huge number of smartphones & laptops released with many changes in the specifications, but very fewer changes in the design. This made everyone think the innovation in technology is dead. From past few years, there weren’t many innovative design changes in the smartphones & laptops, and to name a few, the one-end & double edge display from Samsung and the flexible [curve] display from LG are notably showed innovation in design, but the remaining all are more into specifications.

Well, this year there were many innovative design changes in smartphones & laptops from the major brands like LG, Lenovo, Microsoft, Xiaomi & our favorite brand Apple :p To make this easy, I have listed down the top 5 with innovative design changes irrespective of their specifications and price. Also, the list is more of released gadgets than that are exist in the concept or as a prototype. So, I’m not going to talk about the upcoming technological changes like the onscreen fingerprint scanner smartphone from LG & Samsung, the fully bezel-less smartphone from Lenovo etc. as these are still under development and are yet to be released in the market. So, let’s get started with the list of top 5 innovative design changes in all gadgets released in 2016.

5 Innovative Design Changes in Gadgets – 2016:

1Lenovo Yoga Book with Touch Keyboard

There were times we thought the tablets are officially dead as their sales coming down day-by-day. Many major brands have already stopped making tablets and were pouring more concentration on smartphones, laptops & convertibles. But, the Chinese brand Lenovo came up with an interesting concept that changed the way we use the tablets. The company launched a convertible Yoga Book that works in 4 different modes – Create mode, type mode, watch & browse mode as its hinges can be operated in 360°.

But, what’s so special about the tablet/ convertible/ hybrid laptop is the touch keyboard. For more than a year, the company has been working on many prototypes to optimize the keyboard, and now they are successful and launched an innovative touch keyboard called Halo keyboard with the Yoga Book. I consider this as an innovative design change in tablets, as no other tablet now supports an optimized touch keyboard like the Halo keyboard. Let me explain the features, so you will also agree with me –

  • The touch keyboard is not always on, and it works on-demand. So, whenever you need it, open the Yoga book in type mode and the Halo keyboard automatically lights up
  • The keyboard is optimized in a way that it can auto-complete & auto-correct whatever you type, making you work quickly & accurately
  • As the Halo keyboard also supports haptic feedback, with a single pinch on the keyboard you can enjoy different features
  • For a graphic designer, the keyboard comes with extra features like, you can draw on the keyboard [keeping the halo keyboard turn-off] which will be shown on the main display. This is like a drawing board and to make the drawing easy, the Yoga Book also comes with a stylus that works like a real pen. So, you can also pinch and zoom on the main screen and correct the art from the keyboardlenovo-yoga-book-windows-3
  • For journalists & students, taking notes was never easy but now with the Yoga Book, it becomes very easy. Just place the type pad over the Halo keyboard and write normally with the stylus [real pen with real ink] like you write in a normal book. Whatever you write on the touchpad will be copied to the main screen with your handwriting style lenovo-yoga-book-feature-notetaking-windows-full-width

What else you need in a keyboard? Isn’t the Yoga Book innovative?


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