Top 5 Reasons Why Some Mobile Brands Piss Consumers Off!

The Indian smartphone market is probably one of the crowdest markets in the world and a great platform for smartphone makers, especially for those who are new into this business and are looking for a quick boost to sales, major hype, and promotion.

Yes, we have seen a lot of new brands joining the Indian market. Brands from China include LeEco, Xiaomi, Meizu and long before that Indian brands like Micromax, Karbonn, Lava, Spice had joined the rat race, and this rat race is painful. So, we thought maybe we should just provide some kind of reason why these brands actually suck, piss consumers off and turns a fan into a hater. Meanwhile, Shakthi, from The Quill has provided his reasons why he is not a Mi fan anymore. And, here I am listing down the top 5 reasons which I feel are the main reasons why these mobile brands suck now!

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5 Reasons Why Some Mobile Brands Suck!

Lots of bloatware

This is very much applicable to Indian smartphone manufacturers. They will install tons of apps, which are completely useless. Okay, some phones come with apps like Flipkart which may be handy, but who keeps OLX app installed on his phone? People will use OLX only when they need to get rid of that phone and will probably use it. Apart from that, there is evidence that Micromax remotely installs adware and apps to earn revenue. Notifications to install ABC or XYZ app will be there at least thrice a day. Now, not everyone is an advanced user and familiar with rooting and all this stuffs. Buy a decent Micromax phone under Rs. 10,000, having good specs and camera (the only reason why probably some people unknowingly buy those shit) and soon, it will turn worse than Moto E.

Poor After Sales Service

This is probably the prime reason why Chinese mobile brands suck. Brands promise that they have over 500 service centers across the country, or maybe even more than that, but if you don’t live in a big city, then even for replacing a mere micro USB port or display may take up to two to three weeks. I have that kind of terrible experience with Micromax and Lava (though it belonged to my friend). In the case of expertise also, these brands actually lack a lot. The technical staffs actually don’t want to listen to the problem carefully and will take it ahead and will do whatever they like. Need to know about someone’s worse experience with Xiaomi? Read this article┬áby Amarendra Bandla!

No Updates

This is one of the reasons why many people hate Xiaomi. We have been listening about Android Marshmallow for a long time. The same scenario is applicable for Asus as well. One of our team members had received Zenfone Zoom in January 2016, and since the last two months we have been promised that the phone will receive the Marshmallow update, but it never happened yet. Though, we have received some minor fixes in the form of updates, but where is Marshmallow. Micromax should be awarded for fooling the customers with a simple sticker ‘Upgradable to Android 6.0’ or ‘Upgradable to Lollipop’, but those miracles never happen, apart from Unite Series from Micromax, which really got update fast.

Every brand thinks they’re the next Apple

At any launch event (if you have attended or watched it live), you will see that a comparison with the iPhone is mandatory no matter how much value the brand has. Camera sample comparison, performance comparison, and blah blah blah! I see only one brand that can actually compare them with Apple and that is Samsung. By why do brands like YU and a CEO like Rahul Sharma keep bragging about how superior Yutopia is, how YU Yunique is the best budget-friendly phone! Yutopia, the device that mocked Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone. I was laughing when I was watching the unveiling of Yutopia. ­čśŤ

Last Reason, Flash Sales, and Invite System

Xiaomi and OnePlus are behind the Flash Sale model and Invite System. Xiaomi, the brand which claims that they have joined ‘Make In India’ and also are manufacturing units in India, but a few months ago it was leaked that along with the phones Xiaomi is importing ‘Make In India’ sticker as well. OnePlus started the invite system which created a mess and yes, there were many people (still they are present), who made it a way of making money by selling invites to die-hard OnePlus fans. I literally hate flash sales and invite system. Even this time, I could hardly grab a Redmi Note 3 (2GB RAM variant, Grey) after trying for a few weeks.

Well, these are the 5 reasons which I think are the main reasons why the current mobile brands suck now! If you have something to add to the story, drop them in the comments.

Top 5 Reasons Why Some Mobile Brands Piss Consumers Off! - 2

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  1. Bhai r kita koitam….Micromax e ja bhugailo…Micromax nitro kinia lagse j Ami duniar shob cheye Boro bhul korsi…and now Ami yureka plus use koriar, I know this is a subsidiary company of Micromax, which is good in terms of performance and specially camera but the mobiles battery is very bad and heats up a lot. And micromax canvas nitro is the worst mobile phone I have ever had and micromax sucks.

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