UnoTelly Review: Experience web without limits|watch blocked channels with UnoTelly’s Smart DNS for free

UnoTelly Review: Experience web without limits|watch blocked channels with UnoTelly's Smart DNS for free - 4

UnoTelly Review: Watch blocked channels for free with UnoTelly’s Smart DNS (UnoDNS) , UnoTelly- Experience the Web without limits, A complete review on UnoTelly and UnoDNS

UnoTelly ReviewAre you frustrated with the blocked services in your country? Are you not happy with the limitations of your internet service provider? Are you restricted to watch entertainment related content in your office? Then we have a right service for you to choose. This problem can be solved permanently with the latest innovative concept of using SmartDNS by UnoTelly. UnoTelly offers its customers, to take advantage of locked content like audio and video in your country or workplace. UnoTelly offers the best service with its Smart DNS and special VPN services, that are absolutely free for a limited time.

Many people use Netflix,Pandora, Hulu, etc, But what will happen when that service is only available to United States? What if we find that the library of Netflix Canada is restricted only for canadians? A Canadian company based in Toronto, “Unovation”, understood this problem and found an innovative and ethical way to solve it. Unovation gave us the solution,what we needed and comes up with a solution: UnoDNS. With UnoTelly service, you can watch the content on a variety of channels, such as Amazon VOD, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel (Canada and USA), Google Music, HBO Go, Hulu, Marvel, Netflix (Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Mexico, Switzerland, UK and USA), Pandora, Showtime, Star Wars, Tou.TV and much more. For complete list of channels which are blocked and can be viewed using UnoTelly, check out their fully updated list-complete list .UnoTelly Review_2

UnoTelly Smart DNS: How does smart DNS works?

The principle is very simple. DNS requests, it redirects to the UnoDNS servers, ideally the server closest to us. Then the Servers return you to appropriate services like Netflix, disney etc. To do this, simply change the DNS configuration of the modem / router or change it manually in each of the connected devices. The best part in UnoDNS is, it runs on virtually all devices (consoles, tablets, computers, smart TV, apple TV etc). So you can watch Netflix on your Xbox 360 while your girlfriend will benefit from Hulu on the Mac and the iPad Pandora and we say UnoTelly enables virtually multitasking at a time. Several (twenty-two) servers around the world are available; These servers are named as “UnoDNS Dynamo servers”. UnoTelly Review_3

The UnoDNS Dynamo servers (currently fifteen of the twenty-two) to manage the desired content for several broadcasters independently. One might want to watch the US Netflix content, the UK version of BBC or Canadian version. You simply select the desired country for the service from the personalized portal of UnoTelly. It’s very simple and pleasant as functionality. In addition, it would allow your girlfriend to listen to France Netflix on your Mac while you watch Netflix USA on your PS3, just by specifying the servers UnoDNS Paris on the Mac while you set up your favorite console on a server and Dynamo UnoDNS select the desired account in your area. Interestingly, it is now possible for every member of your family, with the Family Share functionality, have a “secondary” account under the main account and edit your own configurations; as long as you are on the same network.UnoTelly Review_4

Five Best Features of UnoTelly | Reasons to choose UnoTelly:-

1. Multi tasking Capabilities and All Platform Ready:

UnoTelly Review_3

UnoTelly offers the multi tasking and All platform ready features, which enables the users to stream content with complete freedom in any devices you need. You can watch the US Netflix content, the UK version of BBC or Canadian version and your girlfriend can listen to France Netflix on her Mac while your father can watch Pandora on his iPad. It is compatible with all the devices available from Windows to Android. This enables you to get flawless performance and total access to the content you want, no matter what you’re running it on. Experience freedom on a whole new scale!

2. Blazing speed with Direct connect:UnoTelly Review_6

UnoTelly offers the direct connect functionality that enables the blazing speed capabilities to serve its customers any interference free connectivity. UnoDNS employs cutting-edge algorithms that establish high-speed Direct Connections to any website imaginable. With UnoDNS, you’ll enjoy absolutely ZERO speed loss, avoiding any sort of middle-man stealing a piece of the action.

3. Highly secured and SPAM free DNS: Farewell to DNS poisoning and ISP Spam:UnoTelly Review_5

UnoTelly offers the highly secured DNS servers that protects your privacy and block unwanted spam through our TripleSafe service. Have you ever misspelled a domain name, only to be redirected to your ISP’s website and bombarded with spammy ads? That’s a nasty little trick called DNS poisoning, and we aren’t having any of that here! TripleSafe eliminates all DNS poisoning, replacing spam and ad pages with the old-fashioned “Browser Cannot Find the Page” message. Relax knowing that your browsing is safe and secure, entirely in your control, and with your sensitive data far from prying eyes.

4. UnoTelly offers the Cloud networking architecture:UnoTelly Review_8

Take advantage of an industry-leading cloud networking infrastructure that provides the fastest and most powerful entertainment access anywhere. UnoCloud powers all UnoTelly products, supporting our reliable and fast access on a global scale. No matter where you are, no matter what system you’re using, you’re covered by our guarantee of maximum speed, reliability, and fail-proof redundancy.

5. Enables complete Entertainment: Complete family can enjoy:UnoTelly Review_7

UnoTelly knows about your family and want to find ways to bring everyone closer together. That’s why UnoTelly have the Family Share feature to provide multiple logins across multiple devices, ensuring that no one misses out on their favorite content. Share access with as many people in the same household as you wish. With FamilyShare, your spouse, your parents, your children— even your cat—can enjoy everything UnoDNS has to offer.

Pricing and plans:


Presently UnoTelly offering free services for new users upto 8 days, in this 8 days users can enjoy the gold plan worth around 8$ per month, and the good thing we don’t need a credit card to signup for accessing this service, just signup and activate your account and enjoy 8 days of Gold plan in UnoTelly

I bet you will enjoy the UnoTelly service in watching the blocked content ( channels ) in your country! Now it’s time to upgrade, we upgraded to Gold plan as it’s the best and most popular plan now, the main difference in premium plan and Gold plan is, you will get a special VPN service from UnoTelly ( UnoVPN) when you upgraded to Gold plan, with the VPN you can download all the stuff ( from Google play store which are restricted to USA and UK countries) and surf blocked sites in your country, this VPN is a special one and you can use this on some places ( websites) where you’re not allowed to use the DNS

Note: Don’t worry about the bandwidth and speed issue! everything is dedicated and fast in both the plans

What you waiting for ? Go now and sign up for a free account and enjoy 8 days of Gold plan in UnoTelly!

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