Watch WWDC 2016 Live Stream on Windows & Android Devices

Watch WWDC 2016 Live Stream on Windows & Android Devices - 4

WWDC 2016, an official Apple’s developer conference will kick-in few more minutes. The keynote will go live exactly at 10AM PDT (10.30PM IST). We have already talked about top 6 things you can expect at WWDC 2016 where we explained the new era of smart home technology with-in the iDevices. Though they are just rumors, we are eagerly waiting to see what Tim Cook has to showcase today at WWDC 2016.

Just like the old Apple days, you can stream the live WWDC 2016 keynote if you are a proud owner of Apple device aka iDevice or a windows 10 PC having the Microsoft Edge browser. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these devices or browsers, because we got some special ways to watch the WWDC 2016 in both Windows & Android Devices [unofficially]

Apple Devices

As an iDevice owner, you don’t have to worry about how to watch the WWDC 2016 keynote, All you have to do is to visit on your iDevice with the latest Safari browser.

wwdc 16You can also do the same for Apple TV by going to the WWDC channel. Though it requires 2nd or 3rd Apple TV with software 6.2 (or later).

Though simple for iDevices, it can be a PITA for others. Don’t worry i-Fans (pardon the pun), We have workarounds in place! :)

Official Streaming for Windows Devices:

If you own a Windows 10 Device, you can simply open the Edge browser & visit & the live stream of WWDC 2016 will kick start as soon as it went live.

Unofficial Steaming for Windows Devices:

Thanks to UStream.Tv which has been providing live streaming of Apple events, earlier we’ve covered Apple’s special event on March 2015 and you can check the info here

P.S: There might be some few minutes delay!!

Windows & Linux

After installing VLC Player, in case you haven’t already, go to the “Media” tab > “Open Network Stream”.


Once there, paste the following link:

VLC takes care of the rest! Grab some popcorn, and sit back, enjoy!

Android and Windows Phone

Whether your smartphone runs Android, or Windows, grab VLC for it (VLC for Android, Windows Phone), goto “Stream” > “Open Network Stream” and paste same aforementioned link:


We sure hope you are able to catch the Apple WWDC ’16 live  tomorrow regardless of where you are, or what device you’re on. Feel free to contact us with any issues faced in the comments section below!

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