We were on a BREAK!

We were on a BREAK! - 4

I know we haven’t been posting new articles for quite some time now. So, what happened? were we on a BREAK?

Well, we were on a break, and it’s mainly due to the server-side issues. A lot of you might have noticed that even Valentine’s Day articles disappeared in the middle of February. It’s because we moved to our old server where the backup was taken at a previous date. Meanwhile, our web admin put all his efforts into making it live, but it took more time than we expected.

Even before this issue, we weren’t able to write quite often, as we used to do earlier. The reason is apparent. Many of our editors settled down with regular jobs, including me. We hadn’t been able to take out time and write articles that matter to you. We also had planned on trying out the video content but failed miserably. So, where are we heading? We’re not going to close the journal, and that’s for sure.

Our Current Plan – Original Content

Here is what we planned. A couple of years back, we wanted to produce original stories and separate them with news articles, and so we built a news section. But then, much stuff happened, which I don’t want to write down and bore you. What we’re trying to do now is fix the server-side issues. We were able to succeed in making the primary site live and planning to make the news section live in a few days.

In terms of content, we may not be able to produce more, but as said, we want to walk in the lines of creating original content. What I mean is, not just the regular gadget reviews or covering press releases, but a handful of resource articles, editorials, and more. We want to start accepting contributions but will make sure that it goes with our current content plan. Our news coverage and other articles will be moved to the news section.

Starting now, we will concentrate on implementing the new content plan, and make sure to provide a wholesome of original content that gives you deep insights. We want to make sure that we’ll address the challenges like misinformation, fake content, and so on and provide you original articles. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please drop a mail to vamsi@igadgetsworld.com.

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