Why Xiaomi and Asus launched 3 smartphones initially in India 2014 ?

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Xiaomi and Asus smartphone makers launched their 3 smartphones initially  in India this year 2014, where Asus entered into Indian smartphone market few years back, (earlier we know this brand as a manufacturer of Laptops, GPS devices etc) later Asus became popular with their high-end tablets, but now Asus is well known for their Zenfone series smartphones, which are the most popular and best budget smartphones.

Simillarly Xiaomi is popularly known as ” The Apple of China” , and they are very popular in china with their high end smartphones with less prices, now their eyes are on fastly growing Indian mobile market, and they already launched their first smartphone Xiaomi Mi3 in associate with Flipkart (a few days back) and the result,  xiaomi mi 3 units are sold in just seconds like a flash

Before going through the marketing strategy of Flipkart behind this Asus and Xiaomi launching 3 smartphones in India, you should read our post: Asus zenfone 6 vs Xiaomi MI3, Which is better?


Xiaomi smartphones already brought up so much craze in the smartphone users, and also angry in pre-registered users who are trying to get their hands on mi3, more than 1 lakh people have registered  for the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone (pre-order/booking), but only 15% of them got the chance to own them, and the sale ended in just 2 seconds, and still no one knows exactly how many Mi3 units are sold by Flipkart.

On july 29th, 2014,  Xiaomi India, tweeted that, people who have registered for the xiaomi mi3 smartphone, but didn’t got a chance, they need to register again for getting a chance to buy this smartphone.


Well, this is the reason the people got angry on Xiaomi and Flipkart, (as per the imports list of xiaomi, on july 25th , only 10,400 units entered to India), but the users registered to buy this smartphone are lakhs in number, and the remaining people, who didn’t got the chance to get the mi3, must register again, (and many one claiming that, before they are able to login, mi3 smartphones are sold, and this makes them feeling bad about the Flipkart) but that’s a problem now,  Xaiomi mi3 smartphones stock will be available again on Aug 5th, but the users need to register again.


so what’s going on, what made Xiaomi to be so much popular with it’s best budget smartphone xiaomi Mi3 and what’s the peculiarity between xiaomi and Asus?

Asus launched 3 smartphones in it’s Zenfone series, with it’s own Zen UI

1. Asus zenfone 4

2. Asus zenfone 5

3. Asus zenfone 6

and these 3 smartphones must be pre-ordered/registered and they are only available in Flipkart.com

same way Xiaomi is going to launch 3 smartphones in India, and you have already saw what it’s first smartphone xiaomi mi 3 made an impact in the Indian mobile market, it set a record of just less than a min, their smartphones are sold like hot cakes!

1. Xiaomi Redmi 1s

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note

3. Xiaomi Mi 3

Here is the table depicting which smartphone of Xiaomi makes a better comparison with Asus with prices based on Flipkart.com

Asus vs xiaomi smartphones (with prices*)

Asus zenfone 4Rs. 6,999/-   Vs Xiaomi Redmi 1sRs. 6,999/-
  Asus zenfone 5Rs. 9,999/-Xiaomi Redmi NoteRs. 9,999/-
  Asus zenfone 6Rs. 16,999/-Xiaomi Mi3Rs. 13,999/-

Indian smartphone users love smartphones with better specs and the same with low prices, so these companies (xiaomi and Asus) divided the smartphones into 3 categories,

1. Smartphones with low budget but they have considerable specs suitable for everyone (low budget smartphones)

2. Smartphones with medium budget, and they contain good specs with that price (medium budget smartphones )

3. Smartphones with best budget and they have high end specs that can be seen in smartphones with 25-30K as budget (best budget smartphones)

so, based on this strategy xiaomi and asus launced their smartphones , 2 under 10k, and one with best budget under 20k, so these smartphones made a good impact in the Indian mobile market, they sensed how to market their smartphones, so they both tied up with Flipkart and releasing only limited smartphones, and their marketing strategy is very perfect that’ they even made Flipkart.com to crash!

Normal end users always prefer to try new UI now-a-days, so xiaomi and Asus offering new custom UI, like ZenUI and MIUIV5 and both smartphones giving a good competition with in their budget, Asus is powered with Intel core processor where xiaomi is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and they both offer exact specs with in their price limit and they are made purely for Indian smartphone lovers.

But in both smartphones stocks are selling like hot cakes, but xiaomi is going to dominate the smartphone market in India, with it’s remaining 2 new smartphones (Redmi 1s, and Redmi Note) and xiaomi mi3 sales already showed up their impact in mobile market.

These are not the first companies to target Indians low budget users, Motorola targeted Indians with Moto E (Low budget) and Moto G( best budget),  Samsung with their galaxy mini series , iPhone with their ‘c’ series smartphones , sony with their “Compact” series smartphones, Every company making a huge competition with one another , but ultimately the one that gives the best specs with the best budget wins!

So, most users prefer best budget smartphones like Xiaomi MI3, rather than going for iPhone, samsung galaxy series, sony z series etc, and the reason is the later companies discussed here doesn’t provide full specs with in the range, there is always some thing missing in their specs, and with the same price, a user can get a smartphone with high specs from fastly growing companies like Xiaomi! so everyone’s eye is on Xiaomi now!

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