Xiaomi Redmi 1s 6th sale on Oct 6th: 1,50,000 units stock on sale-no need to register +Good news to Mi3 fans

Xiaomi Redmi 1s 6th sale on Oct 6th: 1,50,000 units stock on sale-no need to register +Good news to Mi3 fans - 4

On Oct 6th, it’s #BigBillionDay in Flipkart, So Xiaomi came up with 2 plans tomorrow, earlier this week Xiaomi posted that stock of Xiaomi products came to India and they were huge, as expected Xiaomi planned a big thing and it is confirmed today, Xiaomi setting Redmi 1s 6th sale tomorrow on the account of #BigBillionDay (flipkart), this time it’s not 70k units, more than double of earlier stock, it’s exactly 1,50,000 units, yes you heard right, it’s 1.5 lakh units of Xiaomi Redmi 1s smartphones which are going to be on sale tomorrow

One more notable change that Xiaomi and Flipkart planned is this time it’s not going to be a flash sale, that is there is no need to register for this sale and wait for 2 PM and click  buy button, and there is no need to use of those hacking scripts and plugins to grab the Redmi, it’s simple now, Just wait for tomorrow, and exactly @ 8AM, the sale of Xiaomi Redmi 1s starts, and starting from that you can directly buy the redmi like you used to do for other products in Flipkart

oct-6th-redmi-1sOne more good news, as I said, Xiaomi planned two things tomorrow, one is for Redmi 1s users ( and simplified the buying option) and the other thing is about Xiaomi’s all time favourite smartphone Mi3

we have seen in our earlier posts ( as we covered everything regarding Xiaomi’s flash sale) now this one is specially for Mi3 fans, there were many genuine users who tried to buy Mi3(trying atleast upto 5 sales consecutively) but due to some fake users who tried many browsers and tried to attempt illegal ways to buy Redmi, this made genuine users to get upset and come into frustration, this time Xiaomi made an unbelievable thing for the genuine users who have failed to get Mi3 (at least attempting 4+ times), so these users doesn’t have to worry as Flipkart going to add one Xiaomi Mi3 into your cart tomorrow, so check your cart and don’t miss in buying it!

Xiaomi-mi3-last-sale-oct-6th-bigbilliondayXiaomi also confirmed this might be the last sale of Mi3, we thought it will be on Diwali, but Xiaomi made it tomorrow on the account of #BigBillionDay for flipkart,

One more thing for the buyers, stay tuned for Flipkart tomorrow, there will be a big slash of prices in all the products in Flipkart, many of the smartphones prices have been slashed down today, so there might be a chance there will be huge discounts tomorrow!

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