Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launching on Sept 26th-Hitting 140 countries by End of October

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launching on Sept 26th-Hitting 140 countries by End of October - 4

Samsung held a Galaxy Note 4 World Tour in Seoul today to officially announce the launch date of it’s 4th generation in Galaxy Note series- Galaxy Note 4, Note 4 will be officially launch with in 2 days ( Sept 26th) in Korea, and for the rest of world Samsung is planning big this time, it is trying to hit 140 countries with in the end of October

Mr. DJ Lee, President and Head of Sales & Marketing of the IT & Mobile Communications Division  said that “As the originator of the Note category, Samsung takes immense pride and responsibility” said at Samsung Mobile“ at Galaxy Note 4 World Tour in Seoulnote4

After it’s successful launch in IFA 2014, this phablet made a good impact in the user’s view with it’s premium design and with Samsung’s new S Pen technology, Note 4 is named as “phablet, refined”, “beast” and “king of phablets”, with the Phablet and with the new S pen technology users can easily get connected with the phablet and can easily interact with it, as it is said that Note 4 is the best from the so far phablets launched by Samsung Electronics, here is a pre-launch video of Galaxy Note 4

In Korea the pre-orders of Note 4 is already over, SK Telecom sold it’s stock in just 9 hours which is one of the biggest telecom carrier in Korea and other carriers like KT and LG Uplus sold it’s stock in 3 days, In USA, this phablet will go on sale from October 14th with AT&T and T-Mobile as carriers, the price of Note 4 phablet in korea is around $920 (SIM-free) and it might differ from region to region, so we need to wait for two more days for the official price details, and the details of countries it is going to be launched

image courtesy : Samsung Tomorrow

we have seen how Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sold 10 Million stock in just 3 days, we know that samsung is always a big rival to Apple, so there might be a chance it would try the iPhone 6 bend thing into advertising and troll the new iPhone 6 and turn it out into sales , who knows Samsung might do this, as it’s always want to be at the top!

The details in the launch of other gadgets that are shown in IFA 2014 are not yet known and we will get you the information asap!

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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