10 things to keep in mind before buying Nokia X

10 things to keep in mind before buying Nokia X - 4

Nokia-X-seriesWell, at last most of the Nokia fans’ wish came true, with the arrival of Nokia X running Android. Even I had been thinking about this for past two years, and checked out a few Nokia concept phones loaded with the open source OS Android, which packs a lots of customization, flexibility and awesomeness into one phone. But now, the big question, for many people is “Should I buy the Nokia X?” Well, that’s why you should know what’s inside the first ever Android from Nokia and why you should or shouldn’t buy it, also take a look at our top 5 smartphones 2014 list and Nokia x series is also there!
1. Display: Nokia X has a 4 inch medium sized display, with a very average resolution, and no Gorilla Glass for rough and tough use. And the low resolution display is not at all good if you like to enjoy high quality videos on the go.
2. Camera: Now, your phone is not just a phone, it’s also for capturing moments, taking selfies and recording videos sometimes. In that case, Nokia X is not at all worthy, with a fixed focus 3 megapixel camera and without any flash.
3. Processor: A Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor is the core of its power as a smartphone clocked at 1.2 GHz, which is quite better compared to ARM V6 or V7 in Samsung, Micromax or some other phones pricing almost equal to Nokia X, even though Snapdragon 200 is a little older now a days.
4. RAM: Though we liked Nokia’s decision of adding a Snapdragon processor, it disappointed us in case of RAM which is just 512 MB. If you are onto a lot of multitasking or run heavy apps or games, there may be some trouble for you.
5. Connectivity: Nokia X has all connectivity options you need, ranging from Bluetooth to WiFi, and dual SIM support makes it even better, which is essential for most people.
6. Memory: It has a 4 GB of internal memory in which I think around 2GB will be usable for installing apps, which is not bad at all. But I wouldn’t recommend it to geeks and crazy people like me who carry almost 300 apps in his phone, though its memory can be expanded upto 32GB via MicroSD which can be used to store music, videos and pictures.
7. Built quality: The looks and style is pretty similar to Lumia platform handsets and also the materials are quite good, in fact the back cover is pretty solid, and fits well. But remember, it’s a budget, entry level smartphone.
8. App store: Google services has not been integrated in Nokia X, instead you need to download apps from Nokia’s own apps store, but you will find most of the popular apps easily.
9. Price: It is priced at 8500 INR, not a bad deal, but I say not even a very good deal also. You can obviously find some better phones at this price.
10. Brand value and support: In these terms, most other manufacturers will fail against Nokia, you can trust this brand, and if you get into any trouble after buying this, you can easily find a service center at your neighbourhood.
So, it’s quite a good one in case of casual and everyday use. But if you are a hardcore gamer on smartphones and do a lot of multitasking, I guess it would not ve a perfect handset for you. Before you get determined to buy the Nokia X, think about all these factors and hope you will find the answer yourself. Even after that, if you have any doubt, contact us or message us on our Facebook page We will be happy to help you.

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