New Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Reveals Open World And Multiplayer


Ubisoft has just revealed their new video regarding the Watch Dogs 2, which is a kinda sequel to the popular game Watch Dogs, which is entirely based on hacking. The new Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough reveals a lot of awesome things.

The game is entirely based in San Francisco Bay- beautiful sceneries, city life full of life and corrupt powers. Ubisoft has shows the gameplay on PlayStation 4. The game is completely open world and you can do whatever you want, literally. From different approaches for missions, interacting with other players to playing co-op with other players you met on the street. Well, probably I’m making you get bored. Watch this video to know more about how it feels to play Watch Dogs 2.

Also, keep in eye on Ubisoft US YouTube Channel to get all the latest gameplay videos, walkthrough and updates. Also, some kind of good news is there for podcasters and YouTubers, Blue’s Yeti USB mic will ship with every copy of Watch Dogs 2 as a source suggests.

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