AVerMedia Starter Pack Launched in India for Aspiring Streamers

The biggest emerging market for esports is India without a doubt. Perhaps, people are trying to test there fate facing each other in big tournaments, and others are streaming their gameplay online and getting into the limelight. There are also many companies making gaming accessories, and one of the most renowned names in the Indian market is AVerMedia Technologies. A few months ago they launched AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 and with the immense success, they are planning to get a bigger bite of the market.

Keeping the main requirements in mind AVerMedia Technologies launched YouTube Starter Pack Live Streamer 311 which is a combo offer of Live Streamer Cam313, Live Streamer MINI, and AM310 USB Microphone. In the beginning, many streamers do not have a big budget to buy all the gadgets needed and these combo pack is going to help them.

Avermedia Live Streamer 311 – YouTubers Starter Pack

Live Streamer Cam313 (PW313)

AVerMedia Starter Pack Launched in India for Aspiring Streamers - 1
Live Streamer Cam313

While streaming only the gameplay does not hold viewers. People love to connect with gamers, and that is why a web camera is necessary to start with. Although most of the laptops come with an in-built webcam, they are of low quality unless and might not give quality output for video recording. Live Streamer Cam313 comes with a 1080p video quality and have two built-in microphones (mono). The design of the camera makes it flexible and can be rotated full 360 degrees. The camera can be mounted on top of the monitor or a tripod.

Live Streamer MINI (GC311)

AVerMedia Starter Pack Launched in India for Aspiring Streamers - 2
Live Streamer MINI

Live Streamer MINI is a dedicated capture card which helps to share your gameplay in stable picture quality. The capture card comes with 100% zero-latency Full HD pass-through and UVC technology (USB Video Class) which standardizes video drivers across Windows PC. So users can just plug the card into the system and it is ready to record or stream the session.  User-friendly AVerMedia’s proprietary RECentral software unleashes Live Gamer MINI’s full potential with great functions like multi-stream, rich overlays, chroma key and more.

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AM310 USB Microphone

AM310 USB Microphone
AM310 USB Microphone

To communicate with your viewers and fellow gamers a microphone is necessary. Just like the in-built camera, portable devices come with a microphone. Although it is good for some video calls, for streaming it is not up to the mark. That is why AVerMedia included a microphone in the combo pack which can produce some crystal clear audio with warmer vocals. It does not need any dedicated driver is this microphone is supported by most of the popular operating system.

AverMedia Live Streamer 311 Price and Availability

AverMedia Live Streamer 311 comes with an official price tag of ₹25,000 with one year warranty but the product is available in MDComputers with 22% discount in India as of now.

AVerMedia Starter Pack Launched in India for Aspiring Streamers - 3

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