How I increased my productivity using Huawei Watch?


    I see you’ve come from Huawei Watch review & wondering how I increased my productivity using the Huawei Watch? Here’s my personal experience on how a smartwatch became a virtual assistant for more on the go to the office, coming back etc. Let’s start from the early morning..!

    Personal Fitness:

    As explained in the introduction, the productivity is mainly depending on how I work on the daily tasks. So, after configuring everything in the watch, all my apps, calendar entries, contacts etc. are synced up. The day starts with an alarm which I set manually for the first time. After waking up, it’s time for a jog. Here comes the fitness app which tracks all my steps & can also make a differentiation whether I was walking or running. I usually keep a goal (configured at the first day itself), so whenever I reached a particular goal, the watch used to vibrate and denotes me that I’ve successfully completed the goal. During the sunrise, the IFTTT app used to send a notification at the sunrise time.

    On-the-Go to Office:

    Weather widget - huawei watchAS usual, the weather app sends a notification about the ultra-violet rays & warns me if it is more.

    Though I know the ways I use the maps to navigate me, this is to know if there’s any high-traffic on my way to the office.

    As it is controlled easily using the gestures, I control the music play on the phone using the smartwatch. I just flick my hand: p

    At Office / Work-balance:

    Here comes the use of Agenda app, it notifies me if there’s any upcoming meeting I’ve to attend. This helps me to finish the pending work & get ready to the meeting. Also, the fitness app keeps on track my sitting hours & notifies me if the sitting time exceeds the threshold hour. This helps to relieve the fatigue & take a small walk. The smartwatch also pushes the important notifications if I got any call/message. Again, I am making use of IFTTT to push the notifications. During the meetings, I use the do not disturb mode in the watch, so all my notifications become silent until I turn it on. Please note that I am doing all this without taking out my phone.

    On my way to home:

    IFTTT App RecipesI generally take pictures on the go if I find something interesting. Sometimes, I have to take pictures as quickly as possible & have to drive away. During the signals, I just make use of smartwatch to browse the recently captured pictures. This is again possible using the iFTTT app which pushes the notifications to smartwatch whenever a new picture is captured.

    And yeah, this is how I live my day to the most without even taking my phone from the pocket, & do everything on the smartwatch itself. Sometimes I also make use of google voice & ask to take notes, set reminders etc. Comparing to my day life without smartwatch & with a smartwatch, the productivity is more while using the smartwatch. Though, the phone is always to be in connection with the smartwatch & data mode should be enabled to make use of some features, besides I feel the smartwatch is a big asset to make the most out of your productive work life. Finally, I am concluding my previous article, and yeah! You should definitely need a smartwatch along with a smartphone.

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