LeEco Le 2 AnTuTu Benchmarking Results


    I see you’ve come from LeEco Le 2 review to check the Le 2 AnTuTu benchmarking results! Well, I would recommend you to read the performance part in the Le 2 review, before checking the score (in case if you’ve not read the review).

    As already mentioned in the review, Le 2 comes with way higher specifications than any other smartphone in the budget range of 12K and I feel the benchmarking results will also be high than other competitors. So, to confirm this, let’s just get started with the AnTuTu benchmarking.

    Le 2 AnTuTu Benchmarking:

    Just like every other smartphone AnTuTu benchmarking, we are following the same proceudre for Le 2 too. I’ve installed a seperate 3D benchmark app from AnTuTu to makes things go easy & to avoid extra data. As you know AnTuTu benchmarking takes place in several stages, so I took screenshots in the respective stages.

    Now, the 3D/ gaming tests –

    And the final score is..!

    If you see, clearly no other budget-end smartphone is even near to the Le 2 smartphone benchmarking score, even the iPhone 6 score is pretty low comparing to the Le 2. Anyhow, the one which is near to the Le 2 is Redmi note 3, so let’s have a comparison between these two smartphones.

    Comparing the Le 2 with other competitors –

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    And now, the complete specifications of Le 2 smartphone from AnTuTu benchmark app is –

    I see the scores are pretty great and this may be because of Adreno 510 & also Qualcomm snapdragon 652. Anyhow, check out the gaming segment in the Le 2 review to see how well it performed while gaming.

    for now, you can also check Le 2 GeekBench score or you can go back to the review.