Remember Sony Walkman? A new Walkman is on its way to CES 2015

Remember Sony Walkman? A new Walkman is on its way to CES 2015 - 4

Sony has been concentrating on smartphones, Bravia series LCD AND LED TVs, PlayStation and other cool gadgets rather than Walkman, which is a Sony Trademark and this year we are going to see that in a new avatar.Sony_Walkman_CES

Remember Walkman? Those tiny (well, in those days) gadgets, which fit into your pocket an d let you enjoy your music wherever you went? We are talking about Walkman, which was one of the early mp3 players which have a great impact on the music junkies’ lives. Though with the introduction of iPods, the popularity started to fade out and Sony, the company behind this product moved to concentrate on smartphones, PS and TVs. But now a giant posted just outside the Las Vegas Convention Center displays the return of Walkman. Though Sony released another Walkman last September, called as the ZX1.

The new Walkman carries the Sony design philosophy with curve mate black shell and the design is somewhat awkward for people who keep on switching between different media players as the audiojack is a golden one and the control button placement is something which has been never tried with any media player. Those buttons are at the edge of the Walkman. Sony hinted at a new phone with references to Android Lollipop, a vibrant display, and high-quality audio in their Welcome to the new world video. Sony will be mainly focus on the sound quality and support for 24-bit 192kHz sound files and high-quality amps. The device may look weird, but if Sony really focuses on the sound quality, it may not be a fail like any of its weird products like the Tablet P. Though, now in the days of modern smartphones, very few people like to carry a dedicated device for music, but it is sure that if Sony really manages to maintain the audio and built quality, the Walkman may again be a hit, like its earlier days.

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