Samsung Note series at a glance [Infographic]

Samsung Note series at a glance [Infographic] - 4

Samsung Note series is no wonder a masterpiece. The phablet series is famous for their bigger screen size, an awesomely mind-boggling big battery size and the stellar “S-PEN”. No wonder since the first predecessor was launched in 2011, its popularity has been on a steep rise! Today we bring you a comparison of all the members from the Samsung Note family right from Note 1 to the newly launched brother Note 4. The advances in the last 4 years shows how powerful the smartphone has been getting.

The recent member Note 4 was launched at IFA 2014. You can read more about the launch here.

I am a proud owner of Note 2 and dont hesitate saying that it’s still the best smartphone I’ve ever had! Enjoy the infographic.

note series infographic

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