Apple Watch Series 2 Officially Launched – Features, Price and details

Apple Watch 2

Apple has not wanted to miss any opportunity and launched its new high technology watch together in order to upgrade its predecessor. We talked about the new Apple Watch Series 2, the new smart watch of the bitten apple.

Looking to repeat or improve the success generated in 2014 with the first Apple Watch, Apple has put the cards on the table to present one of the leading watches today, including many new applications and features as well as new hardware much more powerful with which to move all this. Top features of Apple Watch 2 is it comes with 2 generation GPU, machine learning capabilities, 2nd generation display and inbuilit GPS

Apple Watch Series 2: Elegant and Functional:

Apple Watch 2

Apple wanted to keep the essence of the first Apple Watch in its style. That means, thanks to the new features of the device, the overall design has not been able to experience large variations because it needs much more power. In addition, Apple has wanted to maintain the full range of straps available for the clock.

However, the small changes can be very significant in general terms. The company has added 2 new buttons on the right side of the watch to activate the new features, such as the camera and other shortcuts (the weather, listen to music).

They will also release new straps for the device, among which are those of metal, fabric, and rubber. It is also expected that in an upcoming event, Apple shows new functional straps with internal batteries, this based on a recent patent filed by the company.

Apple Watch Series 2: The powerful change is inside

apple-watch-series 2 ceramic

The Apple Watch Series 2 has inbuilt GPS function and has included one to go in with the rest of the competition. And thanks to this new feature, it has been ratified that the new clock is looking as independently as possible with respect to the Smartphone.

And thanks to the new sporting approach that has wanted to introduce Apple Watch, the new device improves its resistance to water and sweat, so you can take it all the day without having to worry about any malfunction.

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The following is a big novelty with respect to its predecessor and is that the Apple Watch 2 features a front camera with which to take pictures and perform advanced functions using Wi-Fi. This camera is accompanied by an image sensor and a required photo storage system.

To help with the battery life, the new Apple Watch series 2 screen goes from being an OLED display to a Micro-LED screen, this lengthens the life of the device before needing a recharge. Finally, the new Apple device comes with a new OS, the Watch OS 2 with which greatly improves the speed of execution of applications and stability the clock software.

Apple Watch series 2: At the same price:


The arrival of the new device has meant reducing the price of the original Apple Watch Series 2, leaving the new Apple Watch 2 at $369These are some of the features that are briefed and explained. Please keep yourself updated for more deep in-depth features of Apple Watch Series 2.


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