The Future of Gaming Industry – Blending VR, AR & MR to Games, Powered by AI

The Future of Gaming Industry - Blending VR, AR & MR to Games, Powered by AI - 4

Earlier the gaming industry is more of 2D games that can play on a TV connected to an old Atari gaming console. With an increase in the number of games and the rise of video game stations/hubs, many kids/adults showed interested playing them and at one point we all got addicted so much that we bunked school just to play it.

If you’re a 90’s kid like me, you might remember playing the classic games like Mario, Donkey Kong, Contra, Metal Slug, etc. and you might have completed all the stages in the games not just one time, but many times. Now, the gaming industry is more of FPS games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-Strike, etc. Along with FPS games, there are many other gaming genres gamers got addicted!

At present, the gaming industry is a billion-dollar venture, and there is a broad range of gaming platforms available now. As the competition is vicious, gamers have to choose the platform very carefully, as not all games have a common platform. [Mac users, I’m not talking about you :p]

Being a millennial, I know the struggle of spending free time after finishing off all the levels [with high difficulty] in old classic games. Even now, using mods & cheats, it became very easy to complete any game in just a few days.

What if there’s a game like the one shown in the movie Her? Well, I believe the future of the gaming industry is all about personalized gaming than concentrating on gaming genres. Whatever game you play or played already follows a particular set of rules. For suppose, let’s take the GTA V which happens in a fiction city, and you can travel all the places in the city, visit restaurants, bars, etc. But, you can’t come out of the gameplay, and the main point of the game is to complete missions. Every game is like that!

But, the game showed in the movie Her is completely different. It’s a hologram-based, or in simple, we can call it an Augmented Reality based space game [you can’t find any game like that even now], and in future, the video games are surely going to support all the latest tech trends like Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality. Most of the major brands already support VR Gaming. Well, this is not the main thing that makes a difference in the future, but the game levels, and the complexity behind the game plays. As mentioned earlier, it’s all about coming out of the gameplay and not following any rules. [#DeadPoolThing]

In the movie Her, the character in the gameplay talks to the protagonist and responds to his words. The character also speaks to Samantha [the AI-based OS] and talks in explicit language.

“It makes sense that the character in the gameplay is actually based on AI, just like the ‘Samantha.”

So, in future, whatever be the device you use to play games, and whatever be the technology the device is incorporated into, the way you play it will change completely. All the gaming levels will be based on Machine learning algorithms, and it changes based on your gameplay. Every game-level will be like a suspense-thriller movie for you. Bypassing level by level, the intensity of gaming will changes. Who knows, maybe like the Alien child in the game showed in movie Her, the future games may have the same side-kick to move forward in the gameplay!

Well, the future is always unpredictable, but the future of the gaming industry is predictable. It’s all about adopting the new technology and making game levels so complicated, that makes a typical gamer stick to it, play it to towards completing it. If my predictions are right, you can see the AI-based games anytime soon!

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