Heart 401AB: Gift this love shaped phone on the Valentine’s Day

Presenting this Love shaped mobile on Valentine's Day, is it a good idea ?


Valentine’s Day is just few days away from now. Everyone is busy in making plans to surprise their boyfriends/girlfriends. Well as a gadget site we’re also in search of gift ideas and hoping to make a list soon. Anyhow, We found this interesting phone which is heart/love shaped and will be a best gift on the Valentine’s Day.

Japan, the land of ‘rising sun’ is meant for showing innovations in every product. Lot of smartphone makers in Japan are coming up with interesting design ideas. The recent one is being the heart-shaped phone – Heart 401AB.

This Heart (Love) shaped is a basic feature phone with no internet connectivity nor Bluetooth nor SMS functionality. It has a 128 x 36 dot display and a phone book with 100 entries. For transferring these contacts there’s a smartphone app which let you copy all the contacts to this phone.

This 23mm thick phone can be twisted from heart to a peanut shape (straight mode) to attempt calls.You can make only calls as it’s a simple hands-free handset. Even the charger is made out of heart shaped.

What an Earth does this phone have ? Only voice calls and no SMS. well wait a minute! we’re talking about gift to your valentine which in our case this love shaped phone suits well.

Although the style of this phone is little weird, but this gift is a best way to present our feeling to our partner.we’re actually worried about it’s availability in the market. It is only available in Japan and solely made for the Japanese customers. From March on wards, Heart 401AB will be available on Japanese carrier Y mobile.

Well don’t worry as we are coming up with our list of ideas to gift your valentine on the Valentine’s day. So you really liked this love shaped phone? there’s a special Sailor Moon Edition too.