HTC One M9 Officially unveiled, what’s so new in this flagship ? [MWC 2015]

HTC One M9 Officially unveiled, what's so new in this flagship ? [MWC 2015] - 4

Finally, HTC One M9 officially unveiled at the MWC 2015 event. There’s no bigger version of HTC One M9 (Plus) and not even a hint on HTC wearable device. One M9 is the only flagship that is unveiled at MWC 2015 by HTC.
Well, will this be treated as the flagship of this year like the predecessor HTC One M8 ? we can know this by going through its design and some other specifications. Everyone have this doubt whether this one is also a simple upgrade to the predecessor like the smartphones launching by other companies. All these things will be answered but before that let’s see what’s so new in the HTC One M9.
In case if you’ve missed the Live streaming, you can check the repeat telecast from YouTube.


There’s a minimal design changes made for the HTC One M9 comparing to its predecessor. Dual annodization, scratch-resistant coating and a sapphire glass for the camera (lens). The position of power/lock key is changed and still it’s not a water and dust resistant but HTC would be providing IP69 certified mobile cases.

The One M9 is available in many colors, there’s a silver medal with Rose Gold on the frames, Gun metal gray, a complete Gold version and a pink one with Gold on the frame.

Hardware Specifications:

As usual like HTC One M8, it sports a 5′ 1080p display with a little modifications in the color rendering technology. The BoomSound stereo speakers are further improved by Dolby sound technology which will be a big asset to the One M9.

It is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 810 chipset and Adreno 430 for GPU rendering. To make the phone super smooth it is equipped with 3GB RAM which can be seen on its predecessor too.

This slim, light-weight new flagship phone from HTC is equipped with 2,840mAh non-removable battery which supports fast charging by default.

The main difference from the One M8 to the One M9 is the camera.

Camera:HTC One M9 Officially unveiled, what's so new in this flagship ? [MWC 2015] - 5

HTC’s Ultrapixel camera on the back is replaced by Toshiba’s 20MP with a 1/2.3′ sensor which supports 4K resolution video recording. It has dual LED, dual flash besides the camera. The camera lens is protected with a sapphire glass which will protect the lens from scratches. Still it doesn’t support the Optical image stabilization.

The front-facing camera still uses the HTC’s Ultrapixel camera without auto-focus which can be seen in HTC One M8’s back.

Software & UI:

hTC One M9 runs on Google’s latest mobile OS Android 5.0 Lollipop with the latest HTC Sense 7 UI. The entire UI is changed now, the new theme generator can generate themes in different colors with a single image. Now you can select many themes+colors+icons etc. You can change the way the keyboard layout is and can customize the navigation bar.

What’s So new ?

Design is similar to the HTC One M8 but it is light-weight and slim now. The power button/lock key position is changed. A new processor chipset with a new GPU. Runs on latest Android with the new UI. There’s a big change in the primary camera but still the ultrapixel camera is used as the front-facing camera. Besides this there’n’t any more improvements we find in the new HTC One M9.

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