Moto X+1 images leaked by @evleaks again on Twitter (press images)

Moto X+1 images leaked by @evleaks again on Twitter (press images) - 4

Moto X+1 images are leaked by leakstar Evan Blas aka @evleaks in his twitter profile, we know that Evan Blas is retiring from leaking the specs/images of latest smartphones, but before his retirement he made the Moto X+1 press images leak as a gift for his followers and fans in his social networks as a gift

Motorola has been planning to launch the successors of Moto G, Moto X and Moto E on September 5th, and we already mentioned about the event in our previous post, the devices are Moto G2, Moto X+1, Moto g  Google play Edition and the smartwatch- Moto 360.


Moto 360 is already on pre-order and you can buy this here, Moto G2 and Moto X+1 specs are already leaked but alleged images of these smartphones are not yet out, now @evleaks did it again, leaked the press images of Moto X+1, the design of this Moto X+1 is very similar to it’s predecessor Moto X, as per the leaked images, Moto X+1 supports Verizon network ( US carrier),  it is available in two variants one with black color with plain poly carbonate back, and other is with wooden back (like the earlier Moto X).

The notable changes in the design is metal bands surrounding the sides of the phone, and the front facing stereo speakers like we see in Moto E, and the camera on the rear side is brilliant, and in the front side as usual a front camera with more no. of sensors than in Moto X ( the increase in no. of sensors and it’s uses are not yet known)

we are sure that Motorola going to launch it’s new series of smartphones into Indian market on September 5th, but if we see in the leaked image, the date seems to be September 17th, and we hope Moto X+1 will be launching on Sep 17th, any how we are just 2 weeks away from the event where Motorola launches it’s successors!

here is the official tweet by @evleaks regarding his retirement gift (Moto X+1 press image)


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