Prepare yourselves for the new Moto X; Gen 3

Prepare yourselves for the new Moto X; Gen 3 - 4

There are a few names known in Twitter, for leaking information about a lot of new devices before their actual release, among which @evleaks and @upleaks are pretty popular. After leaking the HTC One M9’s commercial videos before the actual release of the phone, @upleaks closed his account, and said that there wouldn’t be any further leaks of HTC devices, but looks like he is now after Moto X 3rd Gen.

Moto X 3rd Gen has been reportedly leaked via Upleaks.

However, he was back yesterday with a small, not-so-clear image of the supposed Moto X; 3rd Gen!

As you can see the prominent Active Display feature, along with the Moto Logo on the back cover along with a (hopefully) decent camera with LED Flash; this might actually be the next Moto X.

Their flagship device, the Moto X, first debuted in 2013, with the next-in-line Moto X Gen 2, releasing the year before; Motorola is sure to be gearing up for the successor, the Moto X Gen 3. We can see speaker grills on the device, leading to hopes that we do have stereo speakers like the HTC One M9, instead of the usual mono speakers that they’ve been shipping with their devices.

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Rumors and speculations have it that the next Moto X would have the latest Snapdragon 810 SoC, meaning Moto is moving to 64-bit. That should also mean more RAM for the user (otherwise which moving to a 64-bit SoC makes fairly little sense). Also speculated is that it would have a 5.2″ qHD display, which is after-all, necessary, since it’s a flagship! Cameras would pack more MPs than ever (but we won’t see Motorola going over the line, with something like Nokia’s 40 MP phones). Thankfully, Motorola ships their devices with almost pure-vanilla AOSP (viz. you’ll have an experience that’s pretty close to the AOSP experience on the Nexus line-up).

This photo shouldn’t be hard to fake, which is why the question remains; is it really the next gen Moto X?

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