Pricing Error in Amazon: Sony Xperia Z2 sold for Rs. 3644

Pricing Error in Amazon: Sony Xperia Z2 sold for Rs. 3644 - 4

Pricing errors in Online markets, has become common incidence in getting products at a very lower and cheap price. You need to be very active in Online shopping to grab these deals. We igadgetsworld are active online shoppers and planned to Give away these pricing error deals to our visitors and Contributors. This is a leaked information, and one of our contributors has spotted the error. It was reported that around 10 pieces were sold with the same price. Some Buyers directly called to warehouse to take the phone by hand. It was then, Amazon has spotted the error and withdrew all the stocks back from the warehouse. Those were 10 lucky people, who got the Smartphone Xperia Z2 for Rs 3644. This information is completely unavailable on Web. If you want to be the part of those lucky people again and grab those Pricing Error deals, Join us. We will update you.

Recently a Major pricing error has happened in, Where Xperia Z2 was sold for Rs 3644 accidentally, instead of its original price. We have many pricing error deals, which we are planning to give away them to our Common Visitors and Contributors. This is very sensitive information and it was not posted widely on Web, to prevent the negative effect on Amazon.

Pricing Error of XPeria Z2

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Pricing Error in Amazon. Igadgetsworld spot it.
Pricing Error in Amazon. Igadgetsworld spot it.

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