The new Xperia ‘X’ Series Smartphones + Connected Devices unveiled by Sony At MWC 2016

The new Xperia 'X' Series Smartphones + Connected Devices unveiled by Sony At MWC 2016 - 4

The Japanese tech giant Sony had been revealing a lot of ‘Z’ series smartphones from past few years which became odd fashion from the user perspective. Though there were multiple advancements in both performance & design wise in the past Xperia Z5 & Z3+, there wasn’t enough demand in the market.

As we already said Sony gonna take up things serious after the Z5, the same result can be seen in today’s MWC 2016. The Japanese company showed new gadgets to the world. Today, at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona Sony officially unveiled the all-new ‘X’ series smartphones – Xperia X and the bigger version Xperia XA. Along with the new smartphones, Sony also talked about a new range of connected devices which are going to transform the digital world.

Before talking about the connected devices, Let’s start with Xperia X and Xperia XA smartphones first.

Sony Xperia X & Xperia XA

The low-end Sony Xperia X is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor & has 3GB of RAM, which is apt for multitasking. The device also comes with 32 GB of inbuilt storage, & can be expanded via microSD card up to 200GB. On the other side, the high-end Sony Xperia XA has metallic finishing & is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor & has 2 GB of RAM.

Xperia XA camera capturing a basket ball player

According to Sony, the company poured a lot of effort in redesigning this new flagship series and also improved the camera performance. Along with that, the company also immersed its’ efforts in making sure that the flagship devices will have enough battery to run for a max of 2 days.

As already said, the camera performance improved a lot, there is a new feature called ‘spontaneous capture’ which helps to focus things quickly. Another feature is the new hybrid auto-focus which can predict the movement of an object once the focus is on it. This means the picture clarity will be sharp even if the object is in motion.

Both these smartphones will have cool matching style covers just like the old ‘Z’ series smartphone covers. The covers are available in Black, Lime Gold, White, Lime Rose, and Graphite.

Xperia X & XA – wide range of colors

Apart from the new X series smartphones, Sony had talked about the new range of connected devices that are planned to be launch in the future.

One of them is being the Xperia Ear which is a lightweight Bluetooth earbud, which has personal assistance functions. Just like the Microsoft Cortana & Apple’s Siri, Xperia Ear can take user voice commands to do things like checking the weather, news, traffic, events, calendar etc.

Xperia Ear Lifestyle Touch
Xperia Ear

This earbud cum personal assistance can also perform some of the smart assistant function like navigate you to a destination, taking messages or searching for a specific information on the Internet. The device is not only compatible with Xperia devices but also all android running devices as the communication from Xperia Ear with smartphones is through Bluetooth or NFC. The device will go on sale late in this summer.

Along with the Xperia Ear, Sony had also talked about some new Xperia connected devices which are currently in the development stage.

Xperia Eye
Xperia Eye

One of them is the Xperia Eye, a wearable 360-degree wide-angle tiny camera that can be used as a daily life device. As per Sony, Xperia Eye will be smart enough to accept voice commands for hands-free operations.

Xperia Agent
Xperia Agent

The other connected device is the Xperia Agent, a smart personalized assistant with a built-in camera and projector.  The main idea behind Xperia Agent is home automation & this may be a huge competitor to the Amazon’s Echo.

Besides this, Sony hadn’t talked about the price or release data on the connected devices. Let’s hope they will also get launched by the end of this summer.

Meanwhile, LG has launched the modular phone LG G5 & the Samsung has unveiled two new galaxy smartphones – Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge.

Featured image & other image credits: Sony mobile blog
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