Sony Xperia Z3 compact images leaked again (hands on pictures)

Sony Xperia Z3 compact images leaked again (hands on pictures) - 4

Sony Xperia Z3 compact images with clear visibility are leaked again, we found these hands on pictures of Xperia Z3 compact in a tech forum named Esato, there was a leak a day back about Xperia Z3 compact suggesting the dimensions of this smartphone, and it is around 64.9 mm in length, and as per the leak released earlier, the specifications are as follows:

Xperia Z3 compact specs leak (from earlier leak source)

  • It features a 4.6 inches touch screen with a resolution of 1080P full HD display with a pixel density of around 478ppi
  • RAM is leaked to be 3GB
  • Internal Memory is supposed to be 16GB
  • MicroSD card slot will be available, so memory can be expandable upto 32 or 64 GB
  • Powered with latest SnapDragon 801 chipset
  • Primary camera/rear camera is supposed to be 20.7 MP with sony’s G lens

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Xperia Z3 compact specs leak (from new source)

The above specs leak on Xperia z3 compact and the leaked specs from this source suggests same features with some differences.

  • A 5.15 inches touch screen, 1080P resolution with full HD display
  • RAM is same as 3GB
  • Internal storage is 16GB
  • Powered with a 2.4 GHZ Quad core processor with SnapDragon 801 chipset
  • Primary camera is 20.7MP
  • Secondary Camera is 2.1MP

From the leaked images of xperia z3 compact, we can see there is a 20.7 MP camera on the rear side with a LED flah light in the center (generally it is supposed to be present below the cam) asusual a 3.5 mm jack for head phones connectivity, etc and other connectivity ports are present

Xperia Z3 compact hands on pictures leak :

Here are the alleged Xperia Z3 compact  hands on pictures (leak), just go through them, and you can easily identify the above mentioned specs of this smartphone

x xperia-z3-compact-leak-1 xperia-z3-compact-leak-2 xperia-z3-compact-leak-3 xperia-z3-compact-leak-4 xperia-z3-compact-leak-5 xperia-z3-compact-leak-6 xperia-z3-compact-leak-7 xperia-z3-compact-leak-8 xperia-z3-compact-leak-9

Source: Esato

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