Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones actually suck


Samsung is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, and they had been making quite good phones at the start, a big from Bada OS or Android, they transformed themselves to stay in the market.

Also, Samsung has a significant role in the development of Android, but now, it’s time for Samsung to hand over the throne to someone else, the main reason behind this is the decreasing market share due to some problems Samsung Itself has created. So, today I will point out the Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones actually suck. Well, I know some people won’t like it at all, as I can still see that majority of the smartphone buyers prefer Sammy rather than some Chinese brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Indian manufacturers like Micromax, Karbonn, Lava etc.

But the fact is that Samsung is still going well due to the presence of buyers who don’t know shit about Android, or hardware or how some key factors can affect performance, also, some people say that to them, quality is more important than looks, so let’s not waste time in that and move onto our list of Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones actually suck.

1TouchWiz UI

This is one of the main reasons why Samsung is still stuck, in the past. Earlier, when Android was under development the OS didn’t have a nice look. Samsung developed the TouchWiz UI which looked really good and put it on top of the Android. But now, the time has changed. Like in Android Lollipop, if you see the UI is much better than any version of TouchWiz, even the one in Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t look good compared to the stock Android. For example, if you compare the key apps like phone, contacts, messages etc on both stock Android and TouchWiz, you will surely say that stock Android looks much better than same old looking TouchWiz UI on Samsung. Okay, compare Micromax Canvas A1 which is one of the phones from Google’s Android One lineup and Samsung Galaxy S6, you will find the difference. Another example is Sony, Sony also has a beautiful and really useful UI, but that’s not as laggy as TouchWiz.


Samsung has been following a design philosophy which never changes, at least on in the past two years. Take a Galaxy Grand and a Galaxy S4, well, both of them have similar designs. In fact, leaving the recent flagships, most of the Samsung phones look almost the same. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, they can try many other kinds of designs, already other brands are doing that. Most of the Samsung phones have a glossy plastic body, with a metallic rim like finish at the edge, though it is just painted, which fades out when you use the device for a few months and looks terrible.


Samsung is totally careless about updates. They somehow provide updates to their flagships, but if you own a mid-range of budget Android like costing 150-200 USD, you’re screwed, because as you use a cheaper device Samsung thinks that you should not get the updates. For example, if you compare phones from brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi you can see that they get updates pretty fast. Well, Samsung has an excuse for late updates, that they need to customize the OS, which is as lame as it sounds. Other brands are also doing that Xiaomi has its own UI called MiUI, similarly, Asus is also pushing the updates as soon as possible. In this case, I would rather prefer buying a cheap $200 phone from Motorola or any other brands, rather than spending money on Samsung. And well, the screenshot below is from a Galaxy S3.


Samsung phones have good specs, well that’s in average only if you go for upper mid range or a flagship device. Otherwise, the Samsung phones can’t compete with other devices in the same price category, not at all. If you spend $200 you can get a fairly good device with good amount f RAM, fast processor, and other hardware options, but on a Samsung phone, spending that much is useless because it won’t even get closer to other phones in the same price segment. Above all, the TouchWiz UI will suck out RAM like Chrome does not a desktop, which you can avoid if you buy other smartphones running stock Android or with little customization.


Well, that’s a problem with Samsung devices and many other manufacturers that they come with some pre-installed apps. Among them, most of the apps are useless. And Samsung took this ridiculous thing to next level in the Galaxy S6, which had 56 apps pre-installed, including some common social and instant messaging apps. However, Samsung didn’t provide an option to uninstall all the apps, most of the apps had only an option to be disabled. Nothing more than that, so the apps will eat up your phone’s memory and if you don’t disable, they will eventually slow down your device.

So, that was our Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones actually suck. However, Samsung has improved a lot in most of the case since the Galaxy S5, yet they will have to follow the path that brands like Sony, Motorola is following to stay popular in the market. Hope, you have enjoyed reading this article, if you have liked it show us your support by sharing it and if you own a Samsung device now, share your experiences with it.

  • Sumit

    This was what I was saying to my friend when we visited a Samsung store today about the Galaxy S6 having Touchwiz UI.

    • apparichith

      Yup 🙂 Share this article with your friend so that he can understand what Samsung smartphone really is !!

  • Clint

    Scamsung doesn’t even update flagships, Verizon (Note4) took a long time to release 5.1.1 and USC never got it at all. Terrible company and when you complain about it in emails to them they feed you PR bs and wrong info. (they think the latest firmware for the phone is 4.4.4 lol wtf)

    Android is a travesty and a horrible operating system, it’s based on gnu/linux loosely but literally lacks everything good about gnu/linux like instant core system/core software updates that don’t even force a reboot. Here’s hoping we get a real linux phone some day…or a device independent of carrier/manufacturer updates.

    • sl1fka

      to be honest, android isn’t a horrible operating system. it’s just samsung that’s giving it a bad name. the google nexus phones are the best androids, even if their specs aren’t the best, at least they have stock android and actually get updates!

      • Jayaditya Chakrabarty

        Still you will find some people who believe that TouchWiz was the actually Android UI.

        • sl1fka

          and you’ll also find people who believe that samsung is the only company that makes android phones. sad, really.

  • nightrale814

    Haven’t even had my Samsung phone for a year and it’s already falling apart internally lol.

    • Jayaditya Chakrabarty

      Ha ha…well, my 2nd smartphone used to be from Samsung, Galaxy Pro. At that time Samsung was good enough, but now same design, UI and overpriced phones, these reasons are killing Samsung!

  • Jully sharma

    It’s feels me frustrate to read this all, recently I have buy Samsung Galaxy Smartphone , but still not face any issue like slow running even Its 16 GB and I have filled up data upto 15 Gb there is no space remain to add something now. Lets see what I will face in near future.

  • Haha

    Bloatware and battery has been my biggest complaints with this.

  • MunnyOwl

    God I absolutely hate my Samsung phone. So shit!