Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones actually suck [Updated – 2019]

Samsung is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, and they have been making quite good phones [almost] since the beginning, a big from Bada OS or Android, they transformed themselves to stay relevant in the market. Also, Samsung has a significant role in the development of Android, but now, it’s time for Samsung to hand over the throne to someone else. The main reason behind this is the decreasing goodwill from consumers due to some problems the South Korean giant has created. So, today I will point out the Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones suck.

Well, I know some people won’t like it at all, as I can still see that majority of the smartphone buyers prefer Sammy rather than some Chinese brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus and manufacturers like even Lenovo or Motorola over Samsung. But why? It’s 2019, and in terms of innovation, introducing amazing new features along with solid hardware, development, the rivalry and race between Apple and Samsung never seem to stop, but why is an average user thinking a lot before buying a phone at any given price? All [s]/he needs is an Android phone which Samsung is known for providing the best and has been one of the leading brands in the race of bringing Android to everyone, providing flexibility, utility and the power of the web.

Also, Samsung has quite a good hold on the smartphone market share and has been in the top position for quite some time. Still, some users are confused about how their smartphone should function and how Samsung implements it. However, some are careful about the brand value and some people think that it is worth to invest in a flagship from Samsung. But, this is not the case for everyone. So let’s not waste time in that and move onto our list of Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones suck.

Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones actually suck [Updated - 2019] - 1

Why Samsung Sucks? – 5 Reasons:

1. The UITop 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones actually suck [Updated - 2019] - 2

This is one of the most prominent reasons why Samsung still sucks. Earlier, when Android was under development the UI didn’t have a nice look. Samsung developed the TouchWiz UI which was good and put it on top of the Android. But with time, many things have changed and since the introduction of Android Lollipop, the Android UI is much more fluid. Now, as we are almost ready to step into Android Q, many Sammy users are still on Oreo as the latest version and their experience isn’t that great. Yes, Samsung kinda revamped the UI and renamed the TouchWiz, but the result isn’t that positive at all. I use a phone from Huawei’s subsidiary brand Honor which has EMUI based on Android Oreo, and it’s quite comfortable to use and is not packed with bloatware at all.

Here’s one stupid move from Samsung – Copy all Google apps, put a custom skin on them, rename, and install on the devices.

Key apps like Phone, Contacts, Messages, etc. has a Samsung version, which eventually acts in the same way as those apps from Google. Also, Samsung Experience has the same sluggish issue as TouchWiz – It starts lagging after using it for a while. In the case of custom skins, Xiaomi and Honor have done a much better job than Samsung, providing a smoother UI and not sideloading the clones of Google apps.

As of now, I’m using Stock Android 8.1 Oreo on one device and EMUI on the other, and so, I will deny the allegation that I’m a custom skin hater or I am not comfortable with custom skins. If I can use phones from Xiaomi or Huawei without any issues, then I guess I should be fine with Samsung Experience as well. But I’m not, and man it sucks!

Update 2019: OneUI is out and it’s fricking brilliant, but again, not all Samsung phones are on Android ‘P’ already. So, it’s still a con for old Samsung users.

2. DesignTop 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones actually suck [Updated - 2019] - 3

Samsung has designed some beautiful phones like the S8 Plus or Note 8 or even the S9 or S9 Plus. But leaving these flagships aside, I don’t see why I would like to pay, say Rs. 30,000 for a phone that looks the same as a phone that costs the same as the price cut down by 25% (Do the math yourself). The mid-range phones kinda look the same and when I try some phones from the J-Series or A-series. I feel like these are the same phones with different display sizes and overall form factors, with some changes in hardware only.

3. Updates

Samsung is careless about updates. They somehow provide updates to their flagships, but if you own a mid-range of a budget Android phone like costing 150-200 USD, you’re screwed. The brand thinks you use a cheaper device, so you should move to the high-end flagships, and so the delay in pushing the software updates. When you compare phones from brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi you can see that they get updates pretty fast. Well, Samsung has an excuse for late updates, that they need to customize the OS, which is as lame as it sounds. Other brands are also doing that Xiaomi has its UI called MIUI, similarly, brands like Asus and Huawei are also pushing the updates as soon as possible. In this case, I would rather prefer buying a cheap $200 phone from Motorola or any other brands, rather than spending money on Samsung.

4. Specifications

Samsung phones have good specs, well that’s on average only if you go for upper mid-range or a flagship device. Otherwise, the Samsung phones can’t compete with other devices in the same price category, not at all. If you spend $200 you can get a fairly good device with a good amount of RAM, fast processor, and other hardware options, but on a Samsung phone, spending that much is useless because it won’t even get close to other phones in the same price segment. Above all, the TouchWiz UI will suck out RAM like Chrome does on a desktop, which you can avoid if you buy other smartphones running stock Android or with little customization.

5. BloatwareTop 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones actually suck [Updated - 2019] - 4

Well, that’s the problem with Samsung phones as well as with other brands. All of their smartphones come with some pre-installed apps. Among them, most of the apps are useless. And Samsung took this ridiculous thing to the next level in their Galaxy S6, which had 56 apps pre-installed, including some common social and instant messaging apps. Nonetheless, Samsung didn’t provide an option to uninstall all the apps, most of the apps had only an option to be disabled. Nothing more than that, so the apps will eat up your phone’s memory and if you don’t disable, they will eventually slow down your device.

So, that was our Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones suck. However, Samsung has improved a lot in most of the case since the Galaxy S5, and failed in Note 7 case, and regained back with Note 8. Yet they will have to follow the path that brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo are following to stay popular in the market. Hope, you have enjoyed reading this article, if you have liked it show us your support by sharing it and if you own a Samsung device now, share your experiences here in the comments or our group.

Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones actually suck [Updated - 2019] - 6

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  1. I agree with you at some points , yes samsung is over priced compared to others with same specs ,yes touchwiz was bad looking until galaxy S7 released and the older models got a newer ui update , yes ui was lagging , the built quality was very cheap and ugly designs ( which were almost tge same across models )for flagships ( i think GS2 was better looking than GS4 and GS4 )for me ….
    When first GALAXY A series generation came out the built quality was much better than before despite the plastic back ) the design was not bad but not good either but the metal frame and rectangular shape makes the phone feels sturdy in hand , these models were priced high for the specs but to be honest ,they got some of best you can get that time for screens accurate colours reproduction , while touchwiz was still ugly it was fluid enough for normal usage and average games , I owned A5 and A7 and they work good enough for daily usage , the sound quality was good too. The GS6 was one of most simple and beautiful phones for its time while it keep the same look the newer colours and glass back makes it very nice looking plus rocking the best Amoled screen that time and produce may be the cleanest audio quality per ear piece that time even still best than most today flagships at that. midrange models like galaxy J7 pro and galaxy A6+ and these two were of the best audio output and they were very very very sturdy built and toughest you can get , many of Chinese metal smartphones are actually just looks metal but very weak and simply crap
    I personally hate google chrome on smartphone while I think it is one of the best , I think Samsung internet browser a better app and easier to use , I hate google play music and I think it is a piece of shit. Samsung music player app is better looking ui.
    I use Huawei phones and personally don’t like Ui look and I think google stock ui not pretty either , and I think new Samsung one ui is much better looking.
    I think Samsung new average phones are over priced they are not bad but over priced for specs and built quality
    Any new smartphone is capable of doing daily things even , 3 old midrange can surfing the Web good enough, not fast as eye blinking but just fine.
    May be that samsung take’s in mind ..
    I think Samsung must work on some aspects for midrange models like audio quality , camera and the built quality that became plastic sadly , not to duplicate google apps , just not install them in the first place unless it is not app such YouTube or Google maps, drive ,etc …

    Other than that there is nothing bad about samsung phones . It is normal to find bloat ware because it is business at the end , it is normal that a company to try to make OS looks unique and different from the others even if it just how it looks , remind you it is flexibility of android in the first place.
    Just don’t install crappie and unneeded apps on your phone and tell that your phone got slower and eating power over time.

  2. Going to trade in my Samsung Galaxy S9 tomorrow. The camera function is laggy (if it even responds to my touch at all…) Also, most of the time when I restart my phone, it locks me out and says my sim is no longer active, and to please contact Sprint to unlock my phone (even though Sprint is not my carrier…) Also, a while back, I actually had to unlock my screen, just to ANSWER a phone call! (I mean, as in enter my 4 digit PIN (it wouldn’t accept any other method of screen-unlock). I’m over it, Samsung.

  3. Got an s8+ when it was the newest, supposedly “top-est” ever phone, back then you couldn’t disable Bixby, Bixby button was constantly in the way, this plus all the pluses that turned out to be minuses, I HATE my phone with passion. Worst mistake, will be my last Samsung.

  4. Actually, I talked to several Samsung representatives (obviously from India) who where of 0 help, because they knew nothing and took me for a ride (shock). It was not until I talked to an American that I actually got real assistance, and even though he was unable to correct the issue (because it is a Samsung issue), I felt he actually tied. The others were a waste of time and money. Figure it out, Samsung!

  5. I am finally piping in. I got an S8+. Biggest error ever. I hate this piece of cap so bad I have literally stopped using my phone unless I absolutely MUST. Samsung is always in my face stuffing their apps in place of what I already had working. It glitches constantly. I have gone from someone who relies on his phone to someone who literally throws it across the room once a day due to frustration. I will NEVER buy anything from them again. I am going this weekend back to my phone company and demanding a swap. I will buy anything else to replace it as anything else is an upgrade. Even a flip phone would be as step up.

  6. Late to the conversation but just as relative today.

    When I pay $800 for something it is MINE just as if it were a $1 pack of gum…MINE.

    It is none of Samsungs business if I poop on the thing or change the rom.
    Heck, if I were just having a bad day I could buy one just to smash it with a hammer…why BECAUSE IT’S MINE.

    They locked down the boodloader of the EDGE 7 and because of that I will never buy another Samsung device.

    It is none of their business if I want to root or change the rom.
    Their only reason is to dominate and force you to use Samsung Pay and what is ever on your phone.
    But as I said, I bought it and it is not their property.
    So as in a free market society I chose not to buy their product when they could have easily allowed my to have a choice.

    This goes as well for them blocking package disablers.

    Samsung is a socialist wet dream in a country made up of nitpicking socialists so what did you expect.

    They pushed themselves out of my life and if they continue, will push themselves out of the business by not listening to consumers much like Nintendo.

    • Hy Arch! I got your other comment on moderation. I see that it’s a big problem, but you have to understand that we receive a lot of spam messages and if we enable auto approval, people would just spam with many links. I enabled auto-approval for the comments without links, and yes! sorry for the inconvenience caused.

      • I understand 100% however a lot of places I post have the censorship on and no one monitors period.

        My default attitude turns into getting mad because my experience has been they just want their side of the comment.

        You are the first one to ever explain it. Keep up the good fight, cheers.

  7. I totally agree. I hate samsung and I’ve been a samsung user for well over 7 years. I hated the 7, so I went back to the 6 to wait for the Iphone 8. Samsung started out great and progressively has gotten sloppy – they loaded way too much bloatware, just like the person mentioned.

    All of the bloatware apps run and re-enable themselves in the background, not only do they eat up memory, they eat up data. I had to up my data. Samsung should pay a portion of every person’s data they’ve abused with the increased bloatware that runs non-stop.

    Even with the lollipoop update, they added more stupid bloatware – all that re-enable themselves, even if you disable or stop, clear the memory of each, they come back and run – gaming apps,blue light filter, etc.

    I will NEVER want or buy anything samsung. They need to listen to their consumers instead of the mobile providers they’re partnering with – the consumers are the users that have to live with the phone and the bill. I’m wondering if anyone has filed a class action suit against samsung due to them building apps into the phone that eat your data. #samsungsucks #ihatesamsung #effsamsung #teamapple

    • So, just by changing the launcher you mean I can make the UI like Stock Android or MIUI or something that is fluid?

  8. Touchwiz, should be renamed Touchwait.
    Seriously, I had to wait over 5 seconds sometimes before the phone reacted to what I clicked, I’m talking about just dialing a number. Samsung suck! The cheap Huawei P9 LITE I bought felt like a rocket ship in comparison.

    • Because it was written in one go, no scripts, planning or thinking about what words or phrases to use and what should be avoided! You know when you’re screwed when you have a Samsung phone

  9. It was only a matter of time until something like the Note 7 happend. Samsung never had the best quality for their price and they only gained marketshares because they had like 20 new phones every year. They basically are just Chinese phones copying stuff from other companies like Apple and Sony.

    • Even before Note 7 incident, most of the budget and mid-range phones actually sucked. Samsung is still one of the best when it comes to flagship devices, but for lower end phones they are just reluctant and don’t care to innovate or provide value for money to their consumers.

  10. It’s feels me frustrate to read this all, recently I have buy Samsung Galaxy Smartphone , but still not face any issue like slow running even Its 16 GB and I have filled up data upto 15 Gb there is no space remain to add something now. Lets see what I will face in near future.

    • Ha ha…well, my 2nd smartphone used to be from Samsung, Galaxy Pro. At that time Samsung was good enough, but now same design, UI and overpriced phones, these reasons are killing Samsung!

  11. Scamsung doesn’t even update flagships, Verizon (Note4) took a long time to release 5.1.1 and USC never got it at all. Terrible company and when you complain about it in emails to them they feed you PR bs and wrong info. (they think the latest firmware for the phone is 4.4.4 lol wtf)

    Android is a travesty and a horrible operating system, it’s based on gnu/linux loosely but literally lacks everything good about gnu/linux like instant core system/core software updates that don’t even force a reboot. Here’s hoping we get a real linux phone some day…or a device independent of carrier/manufacturer updates.

    • to be honest, android isn’t a horrible operating system. it’s just samsung that’s giving it a bad name. the google nexus phones are the best androids, even if their specs aren’t the best, at least they have stock android and actually get updates!

        • and you’ll also find people who believe that samsung is the only company that makes android phones. sad, really.

          • After having owned a Galaxy S3 with it’s awful performance in which the phone keeps lagging, I will never own another Samsung phone again.

  12. This was what I was saying to my friend when we visited a Samsung store today about the Galaxy S6 having Touchwiz UI.

    • Yup 🙂 Share this article with your friend so that he can understand what Samsung smartphone really is !!

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